1. AK & MS @ Copenhagen IM
  2. Paddy & Darran
  3. Michael @ 70.3 European Championships
  4. Michael @ Dublin 70.3
  5. Hilary on her way to another age group win!
  6. Michael competing in Triathlon Ireland Category 1 races
  7. G & A at Lough Cutra '18
  8. Andrew @ Majorca 70.3
  9. Andy @ Portrush
  10. Dublin 70.3
  11. Michael @ European 70.3 Championships
  12. Andy completing Ironman Austria
  13. G & G - Derry Marathon
  14. Majorca training camp
  15. Dan @ Groomsport 70.3
  16. Graham @ Dublin 70.3
  17. Phil and Graham at Dublin 70.3
  18. Arran biking @ Peninsula
  19. HIlary in Europe
  20. Strangford
  21. Wales IM
  22. Lough Cutra
  23. Darran & Paddy


Starting in such a tough sport can be very daunting, intimidating maybe. We remember how it felt when we first took up the sport of triathlon - it was frightening, how do you train for three sports? How do you get changed in between? How do you keep going for so long? How do you eat? What do you eat? What equipment do I need? Where do I enter a race? So many questions and so few answers....

That's why we are here, we want to help you - don't feel overwhelmed, we can make this very simple. We were where you are once, unsure, anxious but very enthusiastic. We've all made mistakes, but we have learned and we continued to learn and to improve.  

We build tailored training plans (using Training Peaks) for triathlon training, specific to the individual requirements of athletes.  We are based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.