1. AK & MS @ Copenhagen IM
  2. Paddy & Darran
  3. Michael @ 70.3 European Championships
  4. Michael @ Dublin 70.3
  5. Hilary on her way to another age group win!
  6. Michael competing in Triathlon Ireland Category 1 races
  7. G & A at Lough Cutra '18
  8. Andrew @ Majorca 70.3
  9. Andy @ Portrush
  10. Dublin 70.3
  11. Michael @ European 70.3 Championships
  12. Andy completing Ironman Austria
  13. G & G - Derry Marathon
  14. Majorca training camp
  15. Dan @ Groomsport 70.3
  16. Graham @ Dublin 70.3
  17. Phil and Graham at Dublin 70.3
  18. Arran biking @ Peninsula
  19. HIlary in Europe
  20. Strangford
  21. Wales IM
  22. Lough Cutra
  23. Darran & Paddy


  1. Hilary
    With the expert guidance and support of Fusion I developed the strong foundation to prevent injuries and develop strength, fitness and belief in myself and my abilities. I've gone on to win my Age group at multiple races, take overall podium positions, completed Ironman 70.3 races in some amazing locations and competed in the Ironman European Championship.
  2. Michael
    'Having a bespoke training plan from Fusion and someone looking over your shoulder, someone to bounce ideas and questions on nutrition, race plans, training really helped me.' Winner National Series race, multiple age group wins, top ten in the Irish category one super series of races 2016.
  3. Mark
    'What I like about Fusion is they don’t try to impose a training regime that rides roughshod over the rest of your life. Like a lot of AG triathletes, I have lots of commitments outside triathlon, including a family, full time job, and other voluntary commitments. These things are really important to me and triathlon has to fit around them. This is where Fusion can weave their magic.'
  4. Andrew Mac
    Getting a coach can be the difference between finishing and just getting to the start line. Fusion coaching supported me not only in training but as a parent and husband. The plan was developed around my needs to progress as an athlete but also meet the demands of my family. I had regular contact with Fusion who oversaw every training session and were always contactable if I had questions.
  5. Ian
    After a disappointing year out of the sport I turned to Fusion Coaching for help and assistance in pursuing my goal of completing an Ironman. Arran listened carefully and designed a purpose built plan to help me reach my end goal. It was delivered in manageable chunks so I was never overwhelmed. Fusion set me up to realise my goal in what was one of the best experiences of my life.
  6. Darran
    Started my structured training plan last season with coach Andy Kennedy and this year trained towards Copenhagen Ironman. I can’t thank Fusion Triathlon Coaching enough for helping me achieve my goals, the meetings and phone calls kept me motivated throughout the year. I will be remaining with Fusion for another year working towards my next Ironman.
  7. Stuart @ Copenhagen IM
    I signed up with Andy K for Copenhagen IM, his advice, guidance planning skills were invaluable. He kept me on track with sessions, managed my training load perfectly, offered expert guidance on nutrition and challenged me to push through the 30 week plan increasing my fitness for an 11hr 40 Ironman finish. I would whole heartedly recommend Andy as a coach for anyone considering going long.
  8. Graham
    I really enjoyed the structure to my training that the plan delivered from Fusion. Training using heart zones in the plan was something that was new to me. I’m certain the plan helped me achieve some PB’s early in the season on my journey to achieving my overall goal for Dublin 70.3. Working with Fusion has given me the confidence to push myself further, now considering the full distance Ironman for my next goal!
  9. Dan
    A lot of thought went into putting together a 20 week training plan. On the lead up to the event, each day I would look forward to completing the day's schedule and ticking the box with a sense of achievement of working towards a goal. Your work paid off big time and gave me a better than I'd hoped for performance when I look at the results sheet. And all recovered in 48 hrs - awesome!
  10. Tony
    Despite being on the other side of the world the training plan Fusion devised for me was excellent and helped me structure my training in order to get results, while taking into account a busy family life. The "Training Peaks" App was excellent. Come race day, I had a plan laid out for each leg which was a great help... and when it got really tough and hot I remembered the words "When you think you are done, you are only 40% done"!
  11. Phil
    In my second year of triathlon I decided I wanted more structure and had a goal of completing my first Half IM. I signed up with Fusion and it was the best decision I've made in triathlon. The results speak for themselves - a 4 minute pb at Sprint distance, regular 10% improvement at Olympic distance, and a sub 5 hour 70.3. Well beyond my expectations at the start of the season. I can't recommend Fusion highly enough.
  12. Anthony
    Signed up with Fusion last season and was top drawer. Living across the pond didn't make things easy, but regular Skype sessions along with detailed training plans and the odd text just when it was needed to give me a kick up the arse! Looking forward to next season already, and this season has just finished. Says it all!"
  13. David
    Having signed up for IM Copenhagen I needed a plan to get me there. Fusion’s Andy Kennedy put together a plan tailored to my lifestyle, time commitment and most importantly based on my strengths and weaknesses. All I had to do was trust Andy and focus on the plan. With Andy’s support ‘on tap’ I was ready both mentally and physically for the task ahead and I smashed it!
  14. Paddy
    With the Fusion coaching plan with an education on nutrition and heart rate zones, I was able to partake comfortably in three marathons, Barcelona half ironman, and Ironman Copenhagen etc. So many improvements, but the one that stands out was that I was able to improve ones marathon time by an hour. Cant thank him enough, as I achieved the season of a lifetime.
  15. Graham @ Copenhagen IM
    Last year Andy’s plan got me through my 1st IM70.3 which I really enjoyed. So the decision to sign up again with Fusion for my 1st Ironman was a very easy decision. The 30 week plan was easy to follow using Training Peaks, which came to an end in August at IM Copenhagen when I crossed the finish line.....10hr 51min! A dream became reality with the help from Andy.